Auto offline when no operators
RealTimeQuery server can be configured to go offline when no operators are available. Also the system can be configured to go back to online when an operator is available again. 
Open a browser and follow visitor
Follow a visitor, a new option on the menu from the list of visitors lets you open a browser and follow a visit.
Assign names to visitors
Ability to asign names to visitor's IP addresses, this new option is availabe from the visitors list menu.
The program generates statistics of the activity in your website.
Customizable operator interface
You can include your company logo and an image on the background. 
It is possible to create departments, operators can be assigned to one or more departments. 
RealTimeQuery's  features
Supports call redirections
You can redirect calls by hand or configure the program to automatically redirect calls based on countries, languages, schedules, names or IP addresses.
supports Pushpage
You can redirect your visitor's browser without the need to send a link.
File transfers
You can send files to other operators or visitors.
Canned messages
Messages can be send directly or can be modified before send them.
Alert sound on the visitor's interface
Alert sound when receiving text on the visitor interface while the visitor is on another window. 
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