Installation instructions

Download the file from the link above.
Unzip the file.
Double click the file RealTimeQuery-Setup.msi
Follow the instructions on the installer.


Your own website.
FTP access to your website contents.
Perl support in your web server (optional).
If your Internet connection uses a router, a NAT must be configured to be able to receive connections from outside your LAN.
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Web Control and Live support for your customers.

If you've got a product or service you sell online, we're guessing you have a lot of competition. And you're looking for any advantage you can get.
It's harder and harder to compete on features, functions or price. But there's still a lot of room to compete on service. Let's face it, most customer service and support is awful. Provide good support, and you'll really stand out from your competition.

RealTimeQuery lets you:
Let your visitors to contact you in real time while visiting your website.
See info about everyone currently looking at your site, including the page they're looking at, their country, OS and browser, and the webpage from which they accessed your site.
Support your visitors with multiple operators, switch calls between operators, and conference other people into any conversation.

Who Needs RealTimeQuery? You do, if you:
Have a small business with a website that your customers and prospects visit.
Want to save time and money on phone support.
Want to maximize the productivity of your support staff.
Want to provide realtime support and sales information without having an office and a phone system.
Want a realtime online support system without hidden or recurring charges.
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