The program logs a copy of each conversation on disk.
Multiple visitor interfaces
Select the one that looks better on your website.
Total integration on your site
Your visitors can chat with you from an embedded interface on your site or using a popup
Language support on visitor interfaces
Use up to 8 pre-configured language translations or create your own one.
Integrated FTP
The program uses its own integrated FTP to upload the files needed to change your status to online or offline.
HTML code generator
It generates for you the code you need to add in your website.
Ad system
Publish images or Flash content on the visitor interfaces.
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RealTimeQuery's  features
Geographical information
The program informs you from which countries your visitors come from.
Visitor's IP
The program informs you about your visitors IP address.
Visitor's current URL
The program informs you about what webpage each visitor is currently seeing.
Visitor's referer information
See from which webpage your visitors come from before they entered your site.
Visitor's OS / webbrowser
The program informs you about the operating system and the web browser used by your visitors.
Multiple operators
You can create a RealTimeQuery network to interconnect different operators. Operators can chat and send files to other operators or visitors.
Easy configuration
The program assists you for configuring it with ease.
Anti spam
The program includes an easy system for rejecting calls.
Auto offline on inactivity
Don't worry about leaving your PC online, the program can be configured for detecting inactivity on your PC and go offline automatically.
Support for dynamic IP
It works with static or dynamic IP, an static IP is not mandatory in order to use RealTimeQuery.
Worldmap representation
It shows traffic on your website on a 2D or 3D worldmap.
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